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IITKGPKOLAA is the oldest Alumni Association that has been active for almost 5 decades

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Apr 7, 2015 : Govering Body's Visit to Raj Bhavan

7th April 2015 at The Raj Bhavan,Kolkata

The Governing Body members of IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association, Kolkata met up with the Hon'ble Governor, Sri Keshari Nath Tripathiji, on 27th March at the Raj Bhavan. The team updated the Hon'ble Governor on the activities of the association, including rainwater harvesting, developing gadgets for the differently abled individuals of the society etc. The members also volunteered their services towards activities like beautification of our city, preservation of old buildings, heritage or otherwise, water harvesting across all villages in West Bengal etc. H.E. was highly receptive and advised us to set up another meeting with him where he will bring in representatives from the relevant government departments so that we can have a meaningful discussion around different projects. The meeting was followed by a guided tour around the historic Raj Bhavan. The tour took us back to the days of the British empire followed by independent India and its history. The attached pictures will help us relive some of the stories hidden behind the walls of this historic mansion.


Jan 7, 2015 IITeration: Nation Building powered by ‘TTYOU’

Jan 7, 2015 saw about 425 students of classes IX - XII from 15 different schools of Kolkata and outskirts assembling at Heritage school for 'IITeration: Nation Building', a half day event organised by IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association, Kolkata. It was about providing a glimpse of all the various career options that are available to a student these days. And then making a balanced judgment on choosing the right option based on one's passion and liking. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Director, IIT Kharagpur who shared his own life story with the youngsters and fielded some sharp questions from the audience regarding admission to IITs. Prof. Narendra K Jaggi from Illinois Wesleyan University, who was the Chief Guest of the event, addressed the students stressing on becoming a good human being at the end of the day over and above having a good career.

This was followed by a panel discussion on 'Career Development - The Right Way', where we had panelists from various backgrounds - science, engineering, liberal arts, defense services, entrepreneurship and some enterprising final year students from IIT Kharagpur. Focus was on interactions where the students were encouraged to ask questions and get all their doubts cleared. The event ended on a high note with the schools requesting for more such events every year.

The event was widely covered in The Telegraph as well as some National newspapers.

We have uploaded some pictures from the event and shall sharing links to the video recording shortly as well.

Dec 7, 2014 : AGM and Annual Gettogether

7th December 2014 AGM and Annual Gettogether at The Freemasons' Hall
Date Sunday, December 7 2014
Time 6.30 pm onwards
Venue Freemasons' Hall, 19 Park Street, Kolkata - 16

Apr 6, 2014 : "Science and Spirituality" - Expert Talk by IITians Bawa and Dinesh

Apr 6, 2014 "Science and Spirituality" - Expert Talk by IITians Bawa and Dinesh
Batliwala Khurshed and Dinesh Ghodke (popularly known as Bawa and Dinesh), disciples of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, delivered a talk on "Science and Spirituality". The talk stressed on the fact that however different the two terms ‘Science' and 'Spirituality’ may sound, they are actually both sides of the same coin. They simply complement each other. To lead a harmonious life, we need to find a balance between these two aspects. The speakers provided guidance on how to accomplish this in our lives. The talk ended with a meditation session to demonstrate the veracity of the message communicated by Bawa and Dineshji.

Jan 6, 2014 : Vision IIT – an interactive session with IIT alumni

Jan 6, 2014 Vision IIT – an interactive session with IIT alumni

Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Director, IIT Kharagpur
Mr. Arjun Malhotra, distinguished alumnus and Entrepreneur
Prof. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Alumni Affairs & International Relations
IIT Alumni

Objective was to learn from the new Director, PPC, his vision for IIT and how the alumni can be meaningfully involved in this transformational journey of IIT.

The Director recognised the alumni as their biggest asset and talked about the following areas of joint action with them:
Alumni joining as Adjunct faculty, Visiting Professor or such other ways.
The erstwhile Training & Placement centre of IIT has been remodelled as Career Development centre where the alumni can help nurture, guide and mentor the students to become employable.
Connect with industry to increase industry interactions and placement.
IIT is coming up with an Innovation centre at Newtown, Kolkata and the alumni can bring their technological expertise and innovative ideas to develop this centre.

Jan 28, 2014 : Lecture by Mr. Krishen Mehta

Jan 28, 2014 Lecture by Mr. Krishen Mehta

Krishen Mehta is a former partner with PwC, and served in their New York, London, and Tokyo offices. Krishen is now Senior Advisor to Tax Justice Network based in London, and Senior Global Justice Fellow at Yale University. He is also on the Advisory Board of the Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program, and is a Trustee of the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

His talk highlighted how developing countries lose their wealth through trade mispricing and corruption, how the wealth ends up in Western financial institutions, and what can be done about it. The practices as they exist today affect economic development, furthers inequality, and affects social justice in developing countries. Solutions were discussed on how countries such as India can stem illicit outflows, retain more of its hard-earned wealth, and thereby contribute to a safer and more equitable society. There are steps that India can take on its own, and steps that India can facilitate through a close working relationship with other G20 countries. All of these were discussed during the talk.

Feb 9, 2014 : Day trip to Fort William

Feb 9, 2014 Day trip to Fort William

Sunday, Feb 9 saw a conglomeration of about 150 alumni and their family members having a unique experience crisscrossing the Fort William and NCC Clubhouse. The group assembled at the NCC Clubhouse to start the day with a dose of straight-out-of-the-oven motorshutir kachuri and alur dom, strewn with nolengurer sandesh and tea/coffee. And then, the team set out for a Fort William tour in shuttle buses. After a tour of the Armanent museum, the Vatika, War Memorial, Jungle trail, the team headed back to the NCC camp. This turned out to be a daunting effort amidst the thousands of volunteers heading towards the Maidan - there was a CPM rally planned for the day which was announced after we set up our 9th February programme. While most of the people walked back to the camp, a more enthusiastic team decided to take the bus ride and had their life's first experience of the Maidan activities from the safe haven of the bus. The tour was followed by hot lunch and entertainment programme by the alumni themselves to bring the day's activities to a close. The entire programme, especially the Fort William tour, was made possible by the courtesy of Maj Gen S C Jain, Director, Army Institute of Management and Col. B L Das, Administrative Officer, Army Institute of Management.

Nov 24, 2013 : Visit of two scientists working with NASA

Nov 24, 2013 Visit of two scientists working with NASA

November 24, 2013 saw two distinguished scientists working with NASA, Dr. Paul Rosen and Mr. Alok Chatterjee, addressing a 300 strong audience on ‘Monitoring the dynamic earth from space – a NASA-ISRO Radar Mission’. After collaborations on the successful ISRO Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan missions, United State's NASA and India's ISRO have now partnered on a NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar mission. The objective is to study the dynamic changes on our planet Earth from space to understand how and why these changes are occurring and how they are likely to influence our environment and our overall safety and security. Mr. Alok Chatterjee and Dr. Paul Rosen presented a brief history of this NASA-ISRO collaboration leading up to the final partnership and the significant returns we can expect upon the planned launch of the mission in 2020. The event was a huge success with the audience (mostly high school students) raising very relevant and knowledgeable questions. With sponsorship from The Telegraph , the event made headlines in the next day's The Telegraph and other reputed newspapers. Extracts can be retrieved from: .

Sept 21, 2013 : Annual General Meeting & Get Together

Sept 21, 2013 Annual General Meeting & Get Together

The Get together & AGM of the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association, Kolkata Chapter was held at the Tollygunge Club on Saturday 21st September, 2013. As always in the past, the members with their families and guests went down the glorious memory lane in the nostalgic environment with characteristic enthusiasm reinforced by selective drinks and contemporary tales over enthralling music and songs provided by in-house talent and Gala Dinner. Shri Aniruddha Bhattacharya and Rabindraji arrived along with their accompaniments and presented songs, ghazals and music which kept the audience spellbound. A beautiful dance recital was performed by a child artist from I.I.T, Kharagpur. Shri K.K.Patodia and Shri K.K.Todi, (both 1970 batch, Chemical) recreated the magic of the sixties and seventies with some unforgettable popular hit songs and enthralled the doting audience. Shri Samidh Banerjee provided the touch of exquisite rare western Spanish music. The members relished the sumptuous dinner which catered to the palate of old and new alike.
The outgoing President, Shri A.P.Das, presented the customary annual report of the activities. The President Emeritus, Shri I.M.Asthana, in his thanksgiving address expressed his and members’ abundant appreciation of the support and contribution of the outgoing Executive Committee to the success of the PAN IIT meet held in Kolkata in December, 2012. He announced the names of the new Executive Committee members for 2013 – 14 under the leadership of Smt. Sujata Roy (Kgp/75/SN/Phy).