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IITKGPKOLAA is the oldest Alumni Association that has been active for almost 5 decades.

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The IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association

The IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association , Kolkata Chapter , normally referred to as the IITKGPKOLAA, is the Alumni Chapter for Kolkata, of the Graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

IITKGPKOLAA is the oldest Alumni Association has been active for 5 decades in 0rganizing meetings and get-togethers of various types: be it networking, technical meetings, industry connects, startup-mentorship, or member networking. Our goals have been to conduct programmes for members and connect them up to industry developments, startup ideas, enable networking to help coalesce ideas and put together events that would generally enable the community to be a vibrant, active and progressive support to the members and other stakeholders.

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Thus it is of deep interest to us to enable active industry and government collaboration in partnership with the IIT-Kgp, enable the planning and support of activities and causes that may be critical to nation-building initiatives in some way, either independently or in partnership with other groups and institutions.

At the core of this is the support that we provide to help our alumni with their startups through mentoring and incubation, bring alumni together for networking and leisure events, and collectively form a community of alumni in Kolkata so that we can aspire and plan for larger initiatives together. We estimate that Kolkata is home to over 7,000 KGPites and of these over 1,000 are in our mailing programme..

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IITKGPKOLAA also has a regular involvement in CSR, through its donation for Educational Purposes. IITKGPKOLAA is a registered Society under WB Societies Act and adheres to all statutory compliances as prescribed by the law.